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  Category:  Animals & Pets

          Subcategory:    Aquariums & Supplies
          Subcategory:    Birds & Wildlife
          Subcategory:    Dog & Cat Boarding & Breeding
          Subcategory:    Dog & Cat Clipping & Grooming
          Subcategory:    Dog Training
          Subcategory:    Horses & Pony
          Subcategory:    Pet Care Services
          Subcategory:    Pet Foods & Supplies
          Subcategory:    Pet Shops
          Subcategory:    Veterinary Services

  Category:  Art & Craft

          Subcategory:    Antique Dealers & Restorations
          Subcategory:    Art & Craft Supplies
          Subcategory:    Art & Craft Teachers & Classes
          Subcategory:    Art Dealers
          Subcategory:    Art Needlework & Napery
          Subcategory:    Art Restoration & Conservation
          Subcategory:    Ceramic & Pottery
          Subcategory:    Commercial Art Services
          Subcategory:    Galleries & Museums
          Subcategory:    Graphic Designers
          Subcategory:    Picture Framing & Frames

  Category:  Automotive & Mechanical

          Subcategory:    4 Wheel Drive
          Subcategory:    Auto Airconditioning
          Subcategory:    Auto Electrical
          Subcategory:    Auto Parts & Accessories
          Subcategory:    Boats Caravans & Trailers
          Subcategory:    Car Stereo & Sound
          Subcategory:    Detailing
          Subcategory:    Driver Education
          Subcategory:    Engine Repairs & Parts
          Subcategory:    Mechanical Repairs
          Subcategory:    Motor Body Builders
          Subcategory:    Motor Cycle
          Subcategory:    Motor Service Stations & Garages
          Subcategory:    Motor Vehicle Inspection & Testing
          Subcategory:    New & Used Vehicles
          Subcategory:    Panel & Collision Repairs
          Subcategory:    Towing & Removal
          Subcategory:    Transmissions
          Subcategory:    Truck & Bus
          Subcategory:    Tyres, Brakes & Exhaust
          Subcategory:    Vehicle Hire & Rental
          Subcategory:    Windows & Glass
          Subcategory:    Wreckers

  Category:  Building & Construction

          Subcategory:    Building Contractors
          Subcategory:    Building Surveyors
          Subcategory:    Carpenters & Joiners
          Subcategory:    Carpet Layers
          Subcategory:    Ceiling & Roof
          Subcategory:    Concrete, Cement & Stone
          Subcategory:    Drafting Services
          Subcategory:    Electrical
          Subcategory:    Engineers
          Subcategory:    Fencing & Gates
          Subcategory:    Fire Protection
          Subcategory:    Foundations & Excavations
          Subcategory:    Furnishings & Decoration
          Subcategory:    Garden & Fencing
          Subcategory:    Heating & Cooling
          Subcategory:    Interior Decorators & Designers
          Subcategory:    Machinery & Tools
          Subcategory:    Materials & Hardware
          Subcategory:    Painters & Decorators
          Subcategory:    Plastering
          Subcategory:    Plumbing
          Subcategory:    Project Management
          Subcategory:    Real Estate
          Subcategory:    Security Systems
          Subcategory:    Wall, Floor & Stairs
          Subcategory:    Windows & Doors

  Category:  Clothing & Fashion

          Subcategory:    Baby & Childrens Wear
          Subcategory:    Boutiques
          Subcategory:    Clothing Alterations & Mending
          Subcategory:    Dry Cleaning
          Subcategory:    Factory Clearance Outlets
          Subcategory:    Fashion Accessories
          Subcategory:    Footwear
          Subcategory:    Jewellery
          Subcategory:    Knitwear
          Subcategory:    Ladieswear
          Subcategory:    Materials & Fabrics
          Subcategory:    Menswear
          Subcategory:    Recycled Clothing
          Subcategory:    Sleepwear & Underwear
          Subcategory:    Sportswear & Swimwear

  Category:  Community Groups

          Subcategory:    Adult Riding Clubs
          Subcategory:    Advisory Committees
          Subcategory:    Aged Services
          Subcategory:    Agriculture
          Subcategory:    Arts Organisations
          Subcategory:    Birds & Wildlife
          Subcategory:    Cats
          Subcategory:    Cemeteries
          Subcategory:    Child Care
          Subcategory:    Childrens Playgroups
          Subcategory:    Church & Worship
          Subcategory:    Community Health
          Subcategory:    Community Media & Publications
          Subcategory:    Crisis & Counselling
          Subcategory:    Day Hospitals
          Subcategory:    Disability Services
          Subcategory:    Dogs
          Subcategory:    Drug Alcohol & Gambling
          Subcategory:    Education Other
          Subcategory:    Education Pre Schools
          Subcategory:    Education Primary Schools
          Subcategory:    Education Private Schools
          Subcategory:    Education Secondary Colleges
          Subcategory:    Education Tertiary Education
          Subcategory:    Families Children & Youth
          Subcategory:    Friends Groups
          Subcategory:    Gardening
          Subcategory:    Halls & Venues
          Subcategory:    Health Information
          Subcategory:    Heritage & History
          Subcategory:    Hobby & Interest
          Subcategory:    Horse & Pony Clubs
          Subcategory:    Hospitals
          Subcategory:    Information Services
          Subcategory:    Landcare
          Subcategory:    Legal & Advice
          Subcategory:    Leisure & Fitness
          Subcategory:    Performing Arts
          Subcategory:    Politicians
          Subcategory:    Public Transport
          Subcategory:    Residents Associations
          Subcategory:    Scouts & Guides
          Subcategory:    Service Clubs
          Subcategory:    Theatres
          Subcategory:    Tourism
          Subcategory:    Traders Associations
          Subcategory:    Welfare Agencies

  Category:  Computers & Electrical

          Subcategory:    Automation Systems
          Subcategory:    Computer & Video Games
          Subcategory:    Computer Hardware
          Subcategory:    Computer Software & Packages
          Subcategory:    Computer Systems Consultants
          Subcategory:    Computer Training Services
          Subcategory:    Computers Repairs & Maintenance
          Subcategory:    Desktop Publishing Services
          Subcategory:    Electrical Appliances
          Subcategory:    Electrical Equipment
          Subcategory:    Electrical Services
          Subcategory:    Graphic Designers
          Subcategory:    Hi Fi, Video & TV
          Subcategory:    Internet & Multimedia
          Subcategory:    Office & Business Systems

  Category:  Education & Training

  Category:  Entertainment & Leisure

          Subcategory:    Cinema & Theatre
          Subcategory:    Dancing
          Subcategory:    Entertainment
          Subcategory:    Hotels, Pubs & Clubs
          Subcategory:    Indoor Activities
          Subcategory:    Movies, CD, DVD & Video
          Subcategory:    Music & Musical Instruments
          Subcategory:    Music, Dance & Drama Tuition
          Subcategory:    Outdoor Activities
          Subcategory:    Sport & Recreation

  Category:  Food & Liquor

          Subcategory:    Bakers
          Subcategory:    Cafes
          Subcategory:    Cake & Pastry Shops
          Subcategory:    Dairy, Fruit & Vegetables
          Subcategory:    Food Machinery, Equipment & Supplies
          Subcategory:    Functions & Catering
          Subcategory:    General Stores
          Subcategory:    Health Food
          Subcategory:    Hotels, Pubs & Clubs
          Subcategory:    Ice Cream & Sweets
          Subcategory:    Meat, Chicken & Fish
          Subcategory:    Restaurants
          Subcategory:    Supermarkets & Groceries
          Subcategory:    Take Away Food
          Subcategory:    Wine & Liquor

  Category:  Hair & Beauty

          Subcategory:    Barbers
          Subcategory:    Beauty Salons
          Subcategory:    Beauty Schools
          Subcategory:    Cosmetics, Perfumes & Toiletries
          Subcategory:    Diet & Weight Loss
          Subcategory:    Hair Care
          Subcategory:    Hairdressers
          Subcategory:    Make Up Artists & Supplies
          Subcategory:    Manicure & Nails
          Subcategory:    Relaxation & Indulgence
          Subcategory:    Skin & Beauty Treatment
          Subcategory:    Solarium & Tanning

  Category:  Health & Fitness

          Subcategory:    Acupuncture
          Subcategory:    Alternative Health Services
          Subcategory:    Audiology & Hearing Services
          Subcategory:    Bootcamp Adelaide
          Subcategory:    Bootcamp Australia
          Subcategory:    Bootcamp Brisbane
          Subcategory:    Bootcamp Canberra
          Subcategory:    Bootcamp Darwin
          Subcategory:    Bootcamp Gold Coast
          Subcategory:    Bootcamp Hobart
          Subcategory:    Bootcamp Melbourne
          Subcategory:    Bootcamp Perth
          Subcategory:    Bootcamp Sydney
          Subcategory:    Butts, Hips & Thighs
          Subcategory:    Chemists
          Subcategory:    Chiropractors
          Subcategory:    Counselling & Care
          Subcategory:    Dental
          Subcategory:    Diet & Weight Loss
          Subcategory:    Exercise Training Tips
          Subcategory:    Fitness - Equipment
          Subcategory:    Fitness Australia
          Subcategory:    Fitness Clothing
          Subcategory:    Fitness Courses
          Subcategory:    Fitness Equipment
          Subcategory:    Fitness Franchise
          Subcategory:    Fitness Jobs
          Subcategory:    Fitness Nutrition
          Subcategory:    Fitness Success Stories
          Subcategory:    Fitness Trainers
          Subcategory:    Fitness Training Tips
          Subcategory:    Fitness Videos
          Subcategory:    Fitness Weight Loss
          Subcategory:    Fitness Workouts
          Subcategory:    Free Exercise Programs
          Subcategory:    Gym Australia
          Subcategory:    Gym Equipment
          Subcategory:    Gym Wear
          Subcategory:    Gym Workouts
          Subcategory:    Health & Fitness Centres
          Subcategory:    Health Foods & Products
          Subcategory:    Health Insurance
          Subcategory:    Homoeopaths
          Subcategory:    Hospitals & Clinics
          Subcategory:    Hypnotherapy
          Subcategory:    Martial Arts & Self Defence
          Subcategory:    Martial Arts Articles
          Subcategory:    Martial Arts Associations
          Subcategory:    Martial Arts Courses
          Subcategory:    Martial Arts Equipment
          Subcategory:    Martial Arts Fitness
          Subcategory:    Martial Arts Legends
          Subcategory:    Martial Arts Styles
          Subcategory:    Martial Arts Videos
          Subcategory:    Medical Practitioners
          Subcategory:    Natural Therapies
          Subcategory:    Naturopaths
          Subcategory:    Nursing & Aged Care
          Subcategory:    Nutrition & Weight Loss
          Subcategory:    Occupational Health & Safety
          Subcategory:    Optometrists
          Subcategory:    Personal Trainer Courses
          Subcategory:    Physiotherapists
          Subcategory:    Pilates
          Subcategory:    Pilates Articles
          Subcategory:    Pilates Courses
          Subcategory:    Pilates Equipment
          Subcategory:    Pilates Exercises
          Subcategory:    Pilates Videos
          Subcategory:    Psychologists
          Subcategory:    PT in Australia
          Subcategory:    PT Workout Videos
          Subcategory:    Skin Treatment
          Subcategory:    Weight Loss Diets
          Subcategory:    What’s New In Fitness
          Subcategory:    Women’s Fitness Videos
          Subcategory:    Women’s Fitness Workouts
          Subcategory:    Womens Fitness
          Subcategory:    Womens Fitness
          Subcategory:    Women's Fitness Centres
          Subcategory:    Yoga
          Subcategory:    Yoga Articles
          Subcategory:    Yoga Courses
          Subcategory:    Yoga Equipment
          Subcategory:    Yoga Exercises
          Subcategory:    Yoga Videos

  Category:  Home & Garden

          Subcategory:    Appliances & Electrical
          Subcategory:    Carpet & Floor Covering
          Subcategory:    Carport, Garage & Shed
          Subcategory:    Cleaning & Maintenance
          Subcategory:    Fencing & Gates
          Subcategory:    Furniture & Décor
          Subcategory:    Garden & Outdoors
          Subcategory:    Garden Supplies & Equipment
          Subcategory:    Heating & Cooling
          Subcategory:    Home Improvements
          Subcategory:    Insect & Pest
          Subcategory:    Insurance & Security
          Subcategory:    Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry
          Subcategory:    Landscaping & Design
          Subcategory:    Painting & Decorating
          Subcategory:    Plumbers & Gasfitters
          Subcategory:    Real Estate
          Subcategory:    Roof, Ceiling & Walls
          Subcategory:    Swimming Pool Maintenance & Repairs
          Subcategory:    Tools, Hardware & Equipment
          Subcategory:    Windows & Doors

  Category:  Professional Services

          Subcategory:    Accounting, Tax & Auditing
          Subcategory:    Architects & Engineers
          Subcategory:    Banks, Societies & Credit Union
          Subcategory:    Barristers & Solicitors
          Subcategory:    Business Consultants
          Subcategory:    Business Services
          Subcategory:    Education & Training
          Subcategory:    Employment Services
          Subcategory:    Finance & Investment
          Subcategory:    Financial Planning
          Subcategory:    Insurance
          Subcategory:    Real Estate
          Subcategory:    Security & Safety

  Category:  Shopping

          Subcategory:    Animals & Pets
          Subcategory:    Art & Craft
          Subcategory:    Books & Stationery
          Subcategory:    Clothing & Footwear
          Subcategory:    Computers & Electrical
          Subcategory:    Cosmetics & Toiletries
          Subcategory:    Department Stores
          Subcategory:    Discount Stores
          Subcategory:    Flowers & Gifts
          Subcategory:    Food & Liquor
          Subcategory:    Home & Garden
          Subcategory:    Leisure Goods & Activities
          Subcategory:    Shopping Centres
          Subcategory:    Shopping Tours
          Subcategory:    Special Occasions
          Subcategory:    Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

  Category:  Shopping Centres

  Category:  Sporting Clubs

          Subcategory:    Abseiling
          Subcategory:    Adventure Tours & Holidays
          Subcategory:    Aerobics
          Subcategory:    Amusement Centres
          Subcategory:    Archery
          Subcategory:    Athletics
          Subcategory:    Badminton
          Subcategory:    Baseball & Softball
          Subcategory:    Basketball
          Subcategory:    Billiards & Snooker
          Subcategory:    Birds & Bird Racing
          Subcategory:    Boating &Yachting
          Subcategory:    Body Building
          Subcategory:    Bowling
          Subcategory:    Boxing
          Subcategory:    Bridge
          Subcategory:    Bungee Jumping
          Subcategory:    Bushwalking
          Subcategory:    Calisthenics
          Subcategory:    Canoeing & Kayaking
          Subcategory:    Card Games
          Subcategory:    Caving
          Subcategory:    Chess
          Subcategory:    Coursing & Kennel
          Subcategory:    Cricket
          Subcategory:    Croquet
          Subcategory:    Cycling
          Subcategory:    Dance
          Subcategory:    Darts
          Subcategory:    Diving
          Subcategory:    Fencing
          Subcategory:    Fishing & Camping
          Subcategory:    Flying & Gliding
          Subcategory:    Football
          Subcategory:    Go-Karting
          Subcategory:    Golf
          Subcategory:    Grass Skiing
          Subcategory:    Gridiron
          Subcategory:    Gymnastics
          Subcategory:    Hang Gliding & Paragliding
          Subcategory:    Hockey
          Subcategory:    Horse & Pony Riding
          Subcategory:    Hunting
          Subcategory:    Ice Skating
          Subcategory:    Jet Skiing
          Subcategory:    Kites
          Subcategory:    Lacrosse
          Subcategory:    Lawn Bowls
          Subcategory:    Martial Arts
          Subcategory:    Model Aeroplane
          Subcategory:    Motor Sport
          Subcategory:    Netball
          Subcategory:    Orienteering & Hiking
          Subcategory:    Paintball & Skirmish
          Subcategory:    Parachuting
          Subcategory:    Parasailing
          Subcategory:    Racing Horse & Greyhound
          Subcategory:    Racquetball & Equipment
          Subcategory:    Rafting
          Subcategory:    Rock Climbing & Caving
          Subcategory:    Roller Skating & Blading
          Subcategory:    Rowing
          Subcategory:    Rugby
          Subcategory:    Sailing
          Subcategory:    Scuba Diving
          Subcategory:    Shooting
          Subcategory:    Ski Touring
          Subcategory:    Skydiving
          Subcategory:    Snow Skiing & Boarding
          Subcategory:    Soccer
          Subcategory:    Squash
          Subcategory:    Surfing & Life Saving
          Subcategory:    Swimming
          Subcategory:    Table Tennis
          Subcategory:    Ten Pin Bowling
          Subcategory:    Tennis
          Subcategory:    Touch Football
          Subcategory:    Trekking
          Subcategory:    Triathlon
          Subcategory:    Volleyball
          Subcategory:    Water Polo
          Subcategory:    Water Skiing

  Category:  Trades & Handyman

          Subcategory:    Bricklayers
          Subcategory:    Carpenters
          Subcategory:    Carpet Layers
          Subcategory:    Cleaning & Maintenance
          Subcategory:    Concrete, Cement & Stone
          Subcategory:    Electrical Contractors
          Subcategory:    Fencing & Gates
          Subcategory:    Foundations & Excavations
          Subcategory:    Gardeners & Lawn Maintenance
          Subcategory:    Heating & Cooling
          Subcategory:    Landscaping
          Subcategory:    Materials & Hardware
          Subcategory:    Painters & Decorators
          Subcategory:    Pest Control
          Subcategory:    Plasterers
          Subcategory:    Plumbing & Gasfitting
          Subcategory:    Roof & Ceiling
          Subcategory:    Wall, Floor & Stairs
          Subcategory:    Windows & Doors

  Category:  Travel & Accommodation

          Subcategory:    Adventure, Tours & Holidays
          Subcategory:    Bed Breakfast & Guest House
          Subcategory:    Caravan & Camping
          Subcategory:    Holiday Activities
          Subcategory:    Hotel & Motel
          Subcategory:    Transport
          Subcategory:    Travel Agents
          Subcategory:    Travel Goods

  Category:  Weddings & Occasions

          Subcategory:    Bridalwear & Formalwear
          Subcategory:    Cars & Transport
          Subcategory:    Catering & Food
          Subcategory:    Childrens Parties
          Subcategory:    Costumes & Costume Hire
          Subcategory:    Entertainment & Music
          Subcategory:    Flowers & Gifts
          Subcategory:    Footwear, Accessories & Hats
          Subcategory:    Functions & Conferences
          Subcategory:    Funerals
          Subcategory:    Hair & Beauty
          Subcategory:    Jewellery
          Subcategory:    Party Ideas
          Subcategory:    Party Planning
          Subcategory:    Party Supplies & Decorations
          Subcategory:    Photography & Video
          Subcategory:    Reception Venues
          Subcategory:    Stationery & Cards
          Subcategory:    Travel & Honeymoon

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