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Dar Assalam (AUS) Haj Community Group
Haj Umrah Ziyarat Dar Assalam Haj Group
Banksia Hobby & Interest
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Dar Assalam (Aust) Haj Group


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View the Haj Book Guide.



Special Requirements


All the pilgrims are requested to be together and obey the instructions of the group leaders at all times.


Money for personal use and shopping

  • Do not carry excessive amounts of money; the safest place to leave your money is with the leaders. As there are a lot of pickpockets.
  • Credit cards can also be used throughout Makkah, Medina and Jeddah, so it is advisable to use them when purchasing expensive items.
  • Always keep your ID card and, at least, 100 Riyals with you all the time.


Mobile Phones

  • Bring a mobile phone along, for you to stay in contact with the remainder of the group, or for when people wish to call you from overseas they have a direct line.
  • Sim cards in hajj season are sold at approx. 100 riyals.



  • Please carry two sets of prescription medication that you use; place one in a carry bag and the other in your luggage.
  • Bring along a spare pair of prescription glasses.
  • Ladies only: Seek Doctor’s advice regarding skipping menstrual cycle during your pilgrimage.



  • Women should purchase Ihram from Sydney or Beirut.
  • Men can buy it from Madina.


Before departing

·        Before departing pilgrims should check that they have all the required items (mentioned above) in their luggage specially their travel documents and medicines.

·        One should make sure that their will and khums are up to date, your haj will become invalid if your khums is outstanding.


Departing from the home airport

  • Due to the increased security, pilgrims should be arriving at least 2 hours before the flight time.





What is it?


Ziyarat means visitation. In the Islamic sense, this term is primarily used for the visitation of the graves of the vice-regents of ALLAH (Khulafaa ALLAH) who include ALLAH’s messengers, prophets, and their executors. The Messenger of ALLAH (SAWW) and his Ahlul Bait (as)), and can also be recited to address them from afar. Much of the Ziyarat literature was recited and transmitted by the infallible Imams (as) and was recorded in the books of traditions.

The Significance of Ziyarat

The importance of the visitation of the graves of ALLAH’s representatives has been explained in many traditions. The narrators of these traditions are not limited to the Shia authorities. The Sunnis have also narrated several traditions concerning Ziyarat. For instance, Ibn Omar narrated:


The Messenger of ALLAH (SAWW) said: “He who visits my grave, my intercession becomes incumbent for him.” [This Hadith is found in 41 Sunni books of traditions, as quoted by al-Amini in his seminal book, al-Ghadir, vol. 5, pp. 93-96. See, for instance, al-Durr al-Manthur, by al-Suyuti, vol. 1, p. 569, under the commentary of Chapter 2, Verse 203 of the Quran, narrated from al-Tirmithi, al-Bazzar, Ibn Khuzaima, Ibn Adi, al-Dar Qunti, and al-Baihaqi.]


According to the holy Quran, those who have been martyred in the path of ALLAH are alive. [The holy Quran, Chapter 2, Verse 154, and Chapter 3, Verse 169.]


 The Quran testifies that the vice-regents of ALLAH are witnesses over the actions of humankind. [The Holy Quran, Chapter 2, Verse 143] Therefore, they see us when we visit their graves and hear our salutations and our renewal of covenant with them. These facts are confirmed by the following Sunni narrations as well:


The Messenger of ALLAH (SAWW) said: “There is no Muslim that greets me but that ALLAH delivers it to my soul so that I may return the greetings to him.”


He (SAWW) also said in another Hadith, “He who visits me after my death is like the one who has visited me in my lifetime.”


He (SAWW) further said, “He who goes to Hajj and then visits my grave is like the one who has visited me in my lifetime.”


He (SAWW) also said, “He who performs Hajj but does not visit me, has indeed turned away from me.” [Several Sunni authorities have narrated these traditions. See, e.g., al-Durr al-Manthur, by al-Suyuti, vol. 1, pp. 569-570, under the commentary of Chapter 2, Verse 203. For more detailed account, see al-Ghadir, vol. 5, pp. 98-99.]


Madinatul Munawwara

(The illuminated city)


“My son! If someone visits me whilst I’m alive or dead, or visits your father, your brother or yourself, it becomes wajib on me to visit them on the day of Qiyamah and rescue them from their sins” The Messenger of ALLAH (SAWW) to Imam Husayn (as).


As soon as you see the city, remember that it is the city of The Messenger of ALLAH (SAWW). You will be walking upon the very places where The Messenger of ALLAH (SAWW) walked. Remember, that although that you cannot visualize him in the physical world, it is he whom you sent salaams to in every salaat, raise your hopes in anticipation of meeting him…


  • Take advantage of this opportunity. Each rakaat prayed here is equivalent to 10,000 rakaats.
  • Recommendations (mustahabaat):

1.      Ghusl prior to entering the masjid.

2.      Being on wudu at all times.

3.      Wear tahir, clean and new clothing that is preferably white.

4.      To anoint yourself with a scent or fragrance.

5.      Remember ALLAH at all times as you approach the masjid.

6.      Enter through the door of Jibreel (as).

7.      To seek permission before entering.


Ask permission to enter

O ALLAH, I am standing at the door of one of the houses of Your Prophet and the family of your Prophet (SAWW). You have prohibited the people from entering his house except by the permission of Your Prophet and you said: “O you who believe do not enter the house of the Prophet unless permitted to do so”. O ALLAH, I believe in this in his absence just as I believe in his presence and I know that Your Prophet and Your Vicegerents upon whom be peace are alive in Your presence and they are being nourished, they see my position and hear my speech and they return my greetings and [I believe] that You have covered my ears from hearing their speech and have opened the door of perception of their secret conversations [with You]; I seek your permission, O my Lord firstly; then I seek permission of Your Prophet, peace be upon him and his family secondly and I seek the permission of Your vicegerent, the Imam whose obedience is incumbent upon me and [the permission of ] Your angels entrusted over this blessed site thirdly. May I enter O the proof of ALLAH May I enter O angels of ALLAH who are stationed close to this shrine, then permit me O my Master to enter the best way that You have permitted any of Your guardians, If I am not deserving of that then You surely are deserving of that.


8.      To enter the dignified masjid with care, humility and utmost spirituality. While entering with your right foot in the masjid and read the following


In the name of ALLAH, by ALLAH, in the path of ALLAH and on the religion of the Messenger of ALLAH (SAWW). O ALLAH forgive me and have mercy on me and turn repentant towards me for you are most Forgiving and Merciful.


9.      To send say Salawaat when entering and leaving the masjid.

10.  Say ALLAHu Akbar 100 times.

11.  Make your intention for the Ziyarat:


For e.g. say: I’m doing Ziyarat of ALLAH’s Messenger (SAWW) on behalf of myself, my parents, their parents, my relations, friends, neighbours and on behalf of anyone who has empowered me to do so or to whom whose rights I have abused:


      12. Recite the Ziyarat of ALLAHs Messenger as follows:

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The Canberra Community Guide is your online guide to the City of Canberra.

The City of Canberra is located in Greater Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia and includes the local suburbs of Acton, Ainslie, Amaroo, Aranda, Australian National University, Banks, Barton, Belconnen, Belconnen Naval Station, Belconnen Town Centre, Black Mountain, Bonshaw, Bonython, Braddon, Bruce, Bulgar Creek, Calwell, Campbell, Canberra Airport, Canberra City, Canberra Raaf, Capital Hill, Casey, Casuarina Sands, Causeway, Chapman, Charnwood, Chifley, Chisholm, City, Civic, Conder, Cook, Cotter Pumping Station, Crace, Curtin, Deakin, Deakin West, Dickson, Downer, Duffy, Dunlop, Duntroon, Emu Ridge, Evatt, Fadden, Fairbairn, Fairbairn Civil Aerodrome, Fairbairn Raaf, Farrer, Fassifern, Fisher, Florey, Flynn, Forde, Forrest, Franklin, Fraser, Fyshwick, Garran, Gilmore, Ginninderra, Ginninderra Heights, Ginninderra Village, Giralang, Gordon, Gowrie, Greenway, Griffith, Gungahlin, Gungahlin Town Centre, Hackett, Hall, Harman, Harman Naval Station, Harrison, Hawker, Higgins, Hmas Harman, Holder, Holt, Hughes, Hume, Isaacs, Isabella Plains, Jamison Centre, Jerrabomberra, Kaleen, Kambah, Kambah Village, Kenny, Kingston, Kinlyside, Kippax, Kippax Centre, Kowen, Kowen Forest, Latham, Lawson, Lyneham, Lyons, Macarthur, Macgregor, Macquarie, Majura, Manuka, Mawson, Mckellar, Mcmahon, Melba, Melrose Valley, Mitchell, Monash, Moncrieff, Mount Stromlo, Mount Stromlo Forestry Settlement, Mulanggarri, Mulligans Flat, Murryong, Narrabundah, Ngunnawal, Nicholls, North Lyneham, Oaks Estate, Oconnor, Omalley, Oxley, Page, Palmerston, Parkes, Parliament House Canberra, Pearce, Phillip, Pialligo, Pine Ridge, Red Hill, Reibey, Reid, Richardson, Rivett, Royalla, Russell, Russell Hill, Scullin, South Bruce, Southwell, Southwell Park, Spence, Stirling, Stromlo, Stromlo Forestry Settlement, Stromlo Village, Swinger Hill, Symonston, Taylor, Telopea Park, The Causeway, Theodore, Throsby, Torrens, Tuggeranong Centre, Tuggeranong Town Centre, Turner, University Of Canberra, Uriarra Road, Wanniassa, Waramanga, Watson, Weetangera, Weston, Weston Creek, Williamsdale, Woden Town Centre, Yarralumla, & surrounding areas.

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