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Traditional Shotokan Karate-do Federation South Australia
TSKF Gawler
Gawler Sport & Recreation
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No Friday class at Gawler on 6th October.
Come to Kata Camp instead.


Last updated on 21 September 2017:Kata Camp
Takahashi Shihan (9th Dan, OAM)
TSKF Chief Instructor

The Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do Federation (TSKF) is a not-for-profit Shotokan-based karate organization with an open-door policy offering fuss-free PAYG traditional karate classes to children and adults. We are affiliate members of the International Shotokan Karate Federation (ISKF) following the traditions of the founder Gichin Funakoshi and the late Master Nakayama. TSKF adheres to the #1 Principle, "karate begins and ends with respect." We promote strong moral principles, etiquette and the encouragement of goodwill and harmony among all karateka.

For more than 40 years, our chief instructor Takahashi Shihan has visited Australia twice per year spending many weeks conducting seminars and gradings in our dojos all over the country. Shihan has also presided over our State and National competitions. He has brought to us an unbroken line of instruction and we are very fortunate to have had a man of his calibre teaching us.

Refer to the national web site for more information. TSKF South Australia is also on Facebook.


15–27 August 2016
3rd ISKF World Shoto Cup in Cape Town, South Africa. See below for a report.
28 October 2016
Sempai Beth Martin, international bronze medallist and former member of Gawler dojo, opened a new dojo in Burwood, Melbourne.
26 November 2016
"Kumi-day", a day of kumite-specific training, in Old Reynella. See below for a report.
30 November 2016
Panel grading at Gawler dojo.
16 December 2016
Last day of training at Gawler dojo in 2016.
17 December 2016
Combined Christmas breakup and end-of-year awards for Carisbrooke and Gawler dojos.
10 January 2017
Training resumed at Gawler dojo.
23–27 February 2017
Seminars and gradings with Takahashi Shihan.
13–18 March 2017
7th TSKF/ISKF Australian National Titles. See below for a brief report.
12–14 May 2017
4th Gasshuku at Gladstone Gaol, South Australia. There are a few photos below.
9–16 June 2017
ISKF Master Camp in Pennsylvania, USA.
26 July – 1 August 2017
SA State Titles. See below for results.
9–20 September 2017
Aoyama University Gasshuku, Japan.

6–8 October 2017
9th Kata Camp at Delamere, near Cape Jervis. See below for more information.

19–24 March 2018
8th TSKF/ISKF Australian National Titles, at Victor Harbour. More information to follow.
18–20 May 2018
5th Gasshuku at Gladstone Gaol, South Australia.

Membership and Payments at Gawler dojo

In order to minimise cash-handling at the Gawler dojo, with the exception of the fee per training session, we ask that payments (particularly yearly registrations and grading fees) be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or over-the-counter deposit into a bank account. We can provide the BSB and account number during any training session at the dojo. When making a payment, please remember to provide reference information (your name and what the payment is for) and record the receipt number issued by the bank.

Registration forms for Gawler dojo in 2017–2018 are available. Note: These forms are specific to Gawler dojo. Members of other dojos should consult their Dojo Head. Please be aware that you must be registered before grading. In addition to registration, grading with Shihan at Gawler will cost $75 for Kyu grades (or $10 to train without grading). Other dojos may charge different fees. Memberships expire annually on June 30, but please try to renew your membership by June 1.

Kata Camp 2017

Bruce (Strop) Arnold Sensei and TSKF Yankalilla Dojo are pleased to be hosting the 9th Kata Camp over the weekend of 6–8 October 2017. The dojo is located on the Arnold property at 137 Range Road West, Delamere, about 5km from Cape Jervis.

This year's katas include the Shitei Kata (Heian 1–5), Jion, Wankan, Gojushiho-sho, Kanku-sho, Meikyo and Unsu. Detailed study of each kata will be led by a different instructor with oversight by National Team Coach Ian Watson Sensei. Weather permitting, we may do some beach training on Saturday. And during the Sunday morning session, we will follow the fine tradition of performing all 25 (or 26) kata in our syllabus. As well as studying kata in a bushland setting, we will be having a great time together relaxing around campfires and feasting on BBQ food. If you've never been before, you will have an amazing time!

Session Times:

  • Friday 6th: 6:30–8:30pm
  • Saturday 7th: 9:30–11:30am; 2:30–4:30pm
  • Sunday 8th: 9:30–11:30am
Please note, session times at Kata Camp are traditionally flexible!

Cost is $40 per adult, $30 per child (under 12), supporters included. The cost includes all sessions and meals. Please notify your dojo head and bring cash on the day you arrive. You are welcome to arrive any time after 4pm on Friday. For any dietary requirements, please contact Strop on the number below, or feel free to bring your own tucker! Friday night's dinner will feature a selction of curry and rice dishes with a vegetarian option.

Delamere can be 10 degrees cooler than Adelaide. Please bring warm clothing and camping equipment (hat, shoes, swimming cozzy, torch, tent, sleeping bag, 10L water, snacks, BYO drinks, marshmallows for roasting, dogi, obi, medications etc). There are limited caravans on site, and a hotel/motel at Cape Jervis, but some of us just sleep in the dojo!

Please note, children will be required to be supervised at all times. Also, mobile phone reception can be scarce at Strop's property.

Please contact your Dojo Head, or Strop Sensei on 0409 853 443, for more information. There is also a Facebook event (mobile). Please confirm your attendance with your Dojo Head no later than Saturday 30th September for catering purposes. You can also register your intention to attend online.

See you there. Ossu!

On Saturday afternoon, the sun did smile upon those hale and hearty souls who braved the cold and rain to be at Kata Camp 2016.

South Australian State Titles 2017

"The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants."   — Master Gichin Funakoshi

10-7 Kyu U10 KataNaiobi Searle
Nathan Mogwera
(Port Pirie)
Blayke Pearce
(Sth Adelaide)
10-7 Kyu U10 KumiteNaiobi Searle
Crystal Wilson
Blayke Pearce
(Sth Adelaide)
10-7 Kyu Junior KataJessica Wilson
Nayte Forbes-Richards
(Sth Adelaide)
Logan Crouwkamp
(Port Pirie)
10-7 Kyu Junior KumiteKeira Crouwkamp
(Port Pirie)
Logan Crouwkamp
(Port Pirie)
Jessica Wilson
10-7 Kyu Open KataTegan Jefferies
(Sth Adelaide)
Kateland Farrant
(Sth Adelaide)
Debbie Jefferies
(Sth Adelaide)
10-7 Kyu Open KumiteDebbie Jefferies
(Sth Adelaide)
Tegan Jefferies
(Sth Adelaide)
Kateland Farrant
(Sth Adelaide)
6-4 Kyu U150cm KataCampbell Harrison
Ujal Dangi
Samara Bellchambers
6-4 Kyu U150cm KumiteCampbell Harrison
Samara Bellchambers
Ujal Dangi
6-4 Kyu Junior KataSudip Bista
Lachlan Smith
Callum Saunders
6-4 Kyu Junior KumiteSudip Bista
Callum Saunders
Finn Bloffwitch
6-4 Kyu Open KataSteven Troon
(Sth Adelaide)
Belinda Wilson
Dwain Sedunary
(Port Pirie)
6-4 Kyu Open KumiteSteven Troon
(Sth Adelaide)
Dwain Sedunary
(Port Pirie)
Belinda Wilson
3-1 Kyu U13 KataZachary Jacques
Braithe Searle
Keith Mogwera
(Port Pirie)
3-1 Kyu U13 KumiteKaden Liebelt
Keith Mogwera
(Port Pirie)
Zachary Jacques
3-1 Kyu Junior KataAbbey Cowie
Pawan Bharati
Patrick Hann
(Sth Adelaide)
3-1 Kyu Junior KumitePatrick Hann
(Sth Adelaide)
Pawan Bharati
3-1 Kyu Open KataAngus Smith
Katy Marrin
3-1 Kyu Womens KumiteAbbey Cowie
Katy Marrin
Black Belt Girls KataAlana Liebelt
Caitlin Jacques
Black Belt Girls KumiteCaitlin Jacques
Alana Liebelt
Black Belt Boys KataKaelan James
Evan Harrison
Black Belt Boys KumiteEvan Harrison
Kaelan James
Black Belt Colts KataJeremy Holmes
(Sth Adelaide)
Gaurakshya Bharati
Duvarnie Fourie
(Port Pirie)
Black Belt Colts KumiteJeremy Holmes
(Sth Adelaide)
Avikesh Prasad
(Sth Adelaide)
Duvarnie Fourie & Gaurakshya Bharati
(Port Pirie & Carisbrooke)
Black Belt Mens KataJosh Elsol
Gavin Holfter
Andre Senyo
Black Belt Mens KumiteGavin Holfter
Josh Elsol
Kaizer Mogwera & Andre Senyo
(Port Pirie & Carisbrooke)
Black Belt Senior Mens KataJason Phillips
(Sth Adelaide)
Scott Harrison
Black Belt Senior Mens KumiteJason Phillips
(Sth Adelaide)
Scott Harrison
Trent Stafford
Kyu Grade Team KataGawler Eagles
(Braithe Searle, Kaden Liebelt, Zachary Jacques)
Carisbrooke Badger Pups
(Abbey Cowie, Cody Banks, Rose Banks)
Karate Kids
(Campbell Harrison, Naiobi Searle, Samara Bellchambers)
Dojo Team KataSouthern Adelaide Frogs
(Jason Phillips, Jeremy Holmes, Tracy Pearce)
Gawler Bears
(Alana Liebelt, Caitlin Jacques, Gavin Holfter)
Port Pirie Rabbits
(Duvarnie Fourie, Kaizer Mogwera, Keith Mogwera)
Dojo Team KumiteGawler
(Trent Stafford, Gavin Holfter, Evan Harrison)
(Andre Senyo, Gaurakshya Bharati, Kaelan James)
Southern Adelaide
(Jason Phillips, Jeremy Holmes, Patrick Hann)
Junior Excellence in KarateAbbey Cowie (Carisbrooke)
Senior Excellence in KarateKaizer Mogwera (Port Pirie)
Bobby Hedger Junior SpiritKaden Liebelt (Gawler)
Bobby Hedger Senior SpiritAndre Senyo (Carisbrooke)
David Yap Dedication to Karate-doLester Tobitt (Gawler)

4th Gasshuku at historic Gladstone Gaol

2017 Nationals

The South Australian Team.

South Australian results (extracted from the full official results)

10-7 Kyu U150cm Kata2nd: Naiobi Searle (Gawler)
10-7 Kyu O150cm Kata1st: Russel Searle (Gawler)
6-4 Kyu Mens Kata1st: Steven Troon (Sthn Adelaide)
3-1 Kyu Boys U150cm Kata2nd: Zachary Jacques (Gawler)
3rd: Cody Banks (Gawler)
3-1 Kyu Boys 150-170cm Kata3rd: Gaurakshya Bharati (Carisbrooke)
3-1 Kyu Mens Kata1st: Patrick Hann (Sthn Adelaide)
3rd: Robbie Krystic (Carisbrooke)
Black Belt Boys 150-160cm Kata2nd: Trent Harrison (Gawler)
Black Belt Girls 160-170cm Kata3rd: Caitlin Jacques (Gawler)
Black Belt Boys 16-18 Years Kata2nd: Jeremy Holmes (Sthn Adelaide)
3rd: Avikesh Prasad (Sthn Adelaide)
Senior Womens (41-50 yrs) Kata3rd: Susan Harrison (Gawler)
Senior Mens (41-50yrs) Kata1st: Jason Phillips (Sthn Adelaide)
3rd: Chris Martin (Gawler)
Black Belt Womens Kata1st: Tracy Pearce (Sthn Adelaide)
Black Belt Mens Kata1st: Adam Pearce (Sthn Adelaide)
Colour Belt Team Kata3rd: Gawler
Senior Dojo Team Kata1st: Southern Adelaide
10-7 Kyu U150cm Kumite3rd: Naiobi Searle (Gawler)
6-4 Kyu U140cm Kumite2nd: Rose Banks (Gawler)
6-4 Kyu 150-170cm Kumite1st: Abbey Cowie (Carisbrooke)
6-4 Kyu Mens Kumite1st: Steven Troon (Sthn Adelaide)
3-1 Kyu Boys U150cm Kumite3rd: Kaden Liebelt (Gawler)
3-1 Kyu Boys 150-170cm Kumite1st: Gaurakshya Bharati (Carisbrooke)
2nd: Pawan Bharati (Carisbrooke)
3-1 Kyu Mens Kumite2nd: Bryan Watson (Sthn Adelaide)
3rd: Robbie Krystic (Carisbrooke)
Black Belt Girls 160-170cm Kumite3rd: Caitlin Jacques (Gawler)
Black Belt Boys 16-18 Years Kumite2nd: Jeremy Holmes (Sthn Adelaide)
3rd: Avikesh Prasad (Sthn Adelaide)
Senior Womens(41-50yr) Kumite2nd: Susan Harrison (Gawler)
Senior Mens(41-50yr) Kumite1st: Jason Phillips (Sthn Adelaide)
2nd: Barry DeGreef (Gawler)
3rd: Anthony Bloffwitch (Gawler)
Black Belt Womens Kumite1st: Tracy Pearce (Sthn Adelaide)
3rd: Kita Doyle (Gawler)
Black Belt Mens Kumite1st: Adam Pearce (Sthn Adelaide)
3rd: Gavin Holfter (Sthn Adelaide)
Mens State Kumite2nd: South Australia

2016 "Kumi-day"

TSKF Southern Adelaide hosted a day of kumite training with world-class competitors on Saturday 26th November, covering the art and craft of competition kumite and street self defence tactics over five hours in three sessions. The instructors were Adam Pearce, Tracy Pearce, Matt Stevens and Jason Phillips. Students learned about:

  • physical exercises for speed and power development for kumite;
  • ways to master distance and timing;
  • how to recognise and fight to one's strengths;
  • kumite mindset;
  • ring-craft and tactics of kumite;
  • and how to appropriately defend oneself in a street situation.

3rd ISKF World Shoto Cup 2016

According to a tally compiled by Deb Russo, Australia won gold medals in 18 divisions, silver medals in 7 divisions, and bronze medals in 11 divisions, for a total of 36 wins with a little help from New Zealand. Australia won more gold medals, and more medals overall, than any other country by far.

According to the official tally posted on Facebook by the ISKF, South Africa also performed very well with wins in 25 divisions, and the most silver (10) and bronze (13) wins. After Australia, the USA was the next highest gold medal winner in 7 divisions. Also according to the tally posted by ISKF, New Zealand had 1 gold and 4 bronze wins; but New Zealand may have won more medals than this. The tally that the ISKF posted on Facebook counted only 15 gold, 5 silver and 10 bronze for Australia.

It is an understatement to say that Takahashi Shihan was very pleased. Very senior members of the ISKF have indicated that Australian and New Zealand karateka have set the standard. Much credit to Takahashi Shihan, John Russo Sensei and Ian Watson Sensei for their guidance. Congratulations to our Aussie Team for their demonstrated dedication, excellence and spirit. While others were relaxing, they were training hard and the results are clear for all to see. Ossu!

Divisional awards of the Australian Team
as compiled by Deb Russo


Girls 10/11 Kata

Girls 10/11 Kumite

Boys 12/13 Kata

Boys 12/13 Kumite

Girls 12/13 Kata

Girls 12/13 Kumite

12/13 Team Kata

Boys 14/15 Team Kumite
 (with New Zealand)

Girls 14/15 Kata

Girls 14/15 Team Kumite

14/15 Team Kata

Boys 16/17 Team Kumite

Girls 16/17 Kumite

Adult Ladies Kumite

Adult Ladies Team Kata

Adult Men Kumite

Adult Men Team Kumite

Senior Men 45+ Kumite


Girls 10/11 Kata

Girls 10/11 Kumite

Girls 14/15 Kata

Girls 14/15 Kumite

Girls 16/17 Kata

Men 18-21 Team Kumite
 (with New Zealand)

Adult Men Kata


Girls 12/13 Kumite

Boys 14/15 Kata

Girls 14/15 Kata

Girls 16/17 Kata

Girls 16/17 Team Kumite

Ladies 18-21 Kumite

Men 18-21 Kumite

Adult Ladies Kata

Adult Ladies Team Kumite

Adult Men Kata

Adult Men Team Kata

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